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Our History

The History of Funivie Molveno

Molveno Cableways arose from a long tradition linked to the Trentino region and its development in energy and tourism. After World War II, Trentino, with its rivers and lakes, attracted several hydroelectric companies to exploit the potential of its water resources.

From S.I.S.M. to Molveno Cableways
The Sarca Molveno Hydroelectric Company (S.I.S.M.) recognized the potential of the water basin formed by the Sarca River, Lake Molveno, and Lake Toblino. In 1947, work began to use Lake Molveno as a reservoir, channeling water to the Santa Massenza power plant.

The First Chairlift
In 1952, as a gesture of gratitude towards the local community, S.I.S.M. built the first single-seat chairlift connecting Molveno to Pradel, a picturesque natural balcony at 1,400 meters. This event marked the beginning of modern tourist activity in the area.

Expansion and Innovation
In 1963, a second chairlift, Pradel-Croz, was inaugurated, followed by the addition of new facilities and ski slopes. The 1960s witnessed a prosperous winter season, marked by the opening of a ski school and various dedicated shops.

Crisis and Rebirth
The 1980s brought challenges due to several snowless winters, leading to the failure of the facilities company in 1985. To revive the situation, Turistica Molveno S.r.l. was established, which in 1992 replaced the old Molveno-Pradel chairlift with a gondola.

Modernization and Expansion
From 2006, a project to enhance the Pradel area began, culminating in 2014 with the inauguration of the modern 8-seater Molveno-Pradel gondola. Today, this gondola is one of the most scenic in Trentino.

Dolomiti Paganella Bike Zone
In 2016, with the start of construction for three bike trails, the Molveno Zone became an integral part of the Dolomiti Paganella Bike Zone, offering 80 km of MTB trails, three bike park zones, and three pump tracks.

Sustainable Future
The company has worked on expanding the winter offerings with the creation of sledding slopes and a reservoir for artificial snowmaking. This strategic plan has allowed for the extension of the winter season to 125 days, strengthening Molveno’s role as a year-round tourist destination.

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Only 25 minutes by car from the A22 motorway, the Altopiano di Pradel is easily accessible from both the north and south!

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Yes, starting at 2.30 p.m.

It is the 8-seater gondola lift that goes to Pradel from Molveno (1320 m)

It is the 2-seater chairlift that from the Pradel Plateau (1320 m) reaches the Palon di Tovre area (1530 m)

Parking is not free but for a fee

In the Lido area in Molveno. You can reach the departure of the cable car using the free bus.

The cable car takes an average of 6 minutes each way while the chairlift takes 10 minutes.

No. You can still use the ticket on another occasion.

It is located at the arrival of the 8-seat Molveno – Pradel cable car.