Paragliding in winter

Paragliding in winter

Fly through the Dolomites!

If you’re looking for a unique experience among the snow-covered peaks of the Brenta Dolomites, winter paragliding on the Altopiano del Pradel is the adventure for you! Located above Molveno, the plateau offers ideal conditions for soaring through the air and admiring the breathtaking winter landscapes from a privileged vantage point.

After a comfortable ride on the “La Panoramica” gondola, take the chairlift to reach Palon di Tovre. Follow the signs for the “paragliding take-off” and get ready for an unforgettable flight. With a tandem flight alongside expert instructors, you can experience paragliding in total safety. Let yourself be cradled by the cold winter currents as you soar among the majestic snow-covered peaks of the Brenta Dolomites, enjoying unparalleled views of the winter landscape below.

During the flight, you will enjoy unparalleled views of Lake Molveno, Campanil Bas, and the peaks of the Brenta Dolomites, offering you an unforgettable natural spectacle. Feel the wind in your hair and your heart race as you soar over the surrounding valleys and peaks, taking photos and creating memories that you will carry with you forever.

The experience is suitable for everyone, from beginners to experts, thanks to the guidance of professional pilots who will accompany you throughout the flight. For more information and to book your experience, contact:

I Fly Tandem
Tandem Fly Experience

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Yes, starting at 2.30 p.m.

It is the 8-seater gondola lift that goes to Pradel from Molveno (1320 m)

It is the 2-seater chairlift that from the Pradel Plateau (1320 m) reaches the Palon di Tovre area (1530 m)

Parking is not free but for a fee

In the Lido area in Molveno. You can reach the departure of the cable car using the free bus.

The cable car takes an average of 6 minutes each way while the chairlift takes 10 minutes.

No. You can still use the ticket on another occasion.

It is located at the arrival of the 8-seat Molveno – Pradel cable car.