Sciury’s World in winter

Sciury’s World in winter

Educational Trail in the Snowy Forest

Are you ready to explore the fascinating and mysterious world of the most beloved squirrel in our snowy woods?

Imagine walking among snow-covered trees, following the tracks of Sciury, and uncovering all the secrets of these agile inhabitants of the winter forest. Through an educational and interactive walk, you will learn how to recognize Sciury, its natural habitat transformed by the cold, what it eats during the winter, and the daily challenges it faces to survive in the icy season.

The Sciury educational trail in winter is an experience that goes beyond a simple walk in the woods. It is an educational journey designed to bring both young and old closer to nature, stimulating curiosity and respect for the environment around us, showing how life persists even under a blanket of snow.

At the departure point of the gondola, remember to purchase your activity book. This interactive booklet will add a touch of fun to your adventure, with activities and games to complete as you follow the trail.

This trail is accessible to everyone, making it perfect for a family outing, a school excursion, or a day outdoors with friends. Every step along Sciury’s trail is an opportunity to learn, play, and create deeper connections with the natural world.

What are you waiting for? Dress comfortably, pack your backpack, and let your curiosity guide you!

Useful Information:

→ Trail length: 2.5 km
→ Elevation gain: 100 meters
→ Duration: 2 hours
→ Suitable for trekking strollers

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Yes, starting at 2.30 p.m.

It is the 8-seater gondola lift that goes to Pradel from Molveno (1320 m)

It is the 2-seater chairlift that from the Pradel Plateau (1320 m) reaches the Palon di Tovre area (1530 m)

Parking is not free but for a fee

In the Lido area in Molveno. You can reach the departure of the cable car using the free bus.

The cable car takes an average of 6 minutes each way while the chairlift takes 10 minutes.

No. You can still use the ticket on another occasion.

It is located at the arrival of the 8-seat Molveno – Pradel cable car.