Terms of sales

Terms of Sale

The lift facilities company Funivie Molveno Pradel Spa (hereinafter the “Company”) is authorized to manage the sale of TICKETS.
These general conditions of sale regulate the contractual conditions relating to the purchase and use of TICKETS issued by the Company. The purchase and consequent possession of a TICKET implies knowledge and full acceptance of these terms of sale.


The traveler must have a TICKET corresponding to their intended use, purchasing it through the official sales channels offered, as indicated on the website www.funiviemolveno.it. The prices of the TICKETS – differentiated by type and age of the buyer – are indicated in the price lists displayed at the ticket offices or published online on the website www.funiviemolveno.it and include VAT. The prices of the TICKETS (or deducted points) may change in case of fiscal, monetary, economic, or social interventions as well as in case of transport capacity limitations ordered by the Authorities or by regulations. The TICKET displays symbols that identify distinctions of gender and category such as ADULT, JUNIOR, SENIOR, and CHILD; in some cases, the photo and data of the holder are also included.
The ticket offices accept payments in cash (in compliance with current legal regulations) and via major credit cards or debit cards. Additionally, the Management accepts payments by bank transfer, which must be received and credited to the Administrative Offices before the issuance of the TICKETS. Any request for invoicing the TICKETS must be made before their issuance.
At the time of purchase, upon receipt of the TICKET (or the online receipt), the customer must verify its compliance with their request. It is understood that no replacement of the TICKET will be made once the first access to the facilities has been registered.
The TICKETS are sold on Key-Card supports at a cost of €5.00 each as a deposit, which will be refunded upon return of the intact and well-preserved support. The Customer is responsible for the proper preservation of the TICKET; therefore, anyone who has lost or seriously damaged it is not entitled to any refund of the deposit, when provided. In some cases, TICKETS are also sold on other types of supports, for which no deposit is required.
The TICKET, a valid transport document also serving as a fiscal receipt (D.M. 30.06.1992 and subsequent amendments), must be kept for the entire duration of the transport.
TICKETS must be shown upon request to the lift operators, who must be able to verify their validity and regular ownership by the exhibitor.
The TICKET is a personal and non-transferable document, even free of charge. Any misuse of the TICKET, particularly its transfer, even as a simple and/or temporary exchange, will result in its immediate withdrawal and blocking/cancellation, as well as the right to take legal action against the offender, both criminally and civilly.
In case of loss of hourly, point, Trek Pass, and single ride TICKETS, no reissuance will be possible. Instead, in case of loss of other types of TICKETS, to obtain reissuance, a report must be made to the Company, which will deactivate and block the lost TICKET. In any case, all lost TICKETS are reissued at the ticket office exclusively upon presentation by the customer of the photo of the respective TICKET, from which the identification code indicated on the TICKET or the booking code in case of online purchase must be clearly visible. The cost of deactivating and blocking the lost TICKET and reissuing a new TICKET is €10.00 (a sum that will not be refunded in case the original TICKET is found).
TICKETS issued in exchange for vouchers will strictly be issued in the types indicated in the voucher itself and cannot be changed even before issuance, just as TICKETS purchased online.
The price of the TICKET includes the right to transport, in the relevant season, of Ski, Snowboard, or Bike (where provided) and a small, non-bulky bag weighing less than 10 kg (provided it does not hinder easy boarding of the vehicle or, at the sole discretion of the staff on duty, does not compromise the safety of the operation). The transport of Snowbike, Snowscoot, Skibike, and similar items is only allowed on lifts accessible to pedestrians. Descending on slopes classified as “Difficult” (Black) is prohibited. The transport of sleds and toboggans is not allowed. It is forbidden to climb with skis on all ski slopes, even after the lifts are closed.
All TICKETS expire with the closure of the respective summer or winter season.
Subject to the provisions of articles 15 and 16 below, the TICKET, once used, even partially, is non-refundable. If the TICKET is not used, a refund is provided in case of written cancellation sent by email to funivie@molveno.it by 6:00 PM on the seventh day preceding the first day of validity of the TICKET itself. After this date, the unused TICKET is refunded only upon presentation, by the end of the relevant season, of a medical certificate attesting to the inability to use the service due to illness or injury. The purchase of the TICKET is not subject to the right of withdrawal provided for by the Consumer Code (art. 47 and 59 D.Lgs. 206/2005).
If the customer or a family member (present on the Family Status) is diagnosed with SARS-CoV-2 and consequent isolation or quarantine is imposed, the Company, upon presentation of appropriate medical certification and/or the isolation/quarantine order, will refund the unused days of the TICKET valid from 1 to 14 days purchased by the customer, proportionally to the price paid for the TICKET. This procedure will also be adopted in the following situations: 1) the Italian region or foreign country where the customer resides is closed before the first day of validity of the TICKET; 2) the customer has already used the TICKET and, due to the closure of the region or country, is required by the authorities to return to their residence; 3) the closure of the Province of Trento or the mandatory total closure of the lifts due to SARS-CoV-2 virus is decreed.
In case of accidents with injuries occurring on the ski slopes/bike tracks and duly documented by the rescue staff (for biking, documented by the provincial First Aid), only with the insurance policy, purchasable at the time of purchasing the TICKET, a partial refund of some types of TICKETS is provided. The extract of the policy conditions is available at all the Company’s ticket offices and published on the website www.funiviemolveno.it. It is understood that the injured person’s companions, even if insured, are not entitled to a refund of their TICKET.
Starting from the entry into force of art. 30 of D.Lgs. 40/2021, skiers using alpine ski slopes must have valid insurance covering their civil liability for damages or injuries caused to third parties. For this purpose, during the purchase of the TICKET, the Company will offer customers the possibility to subscribe to a liability insurance policy for damages caused to people or property.

Section II: Types of TICKETS

The types of TICKETS available (single rides, Trek Pass, point tickets, hourly tickets, daily tickets, multi-day tickets up to 14 days, season passes, or annual passes) are detailed in the price lists displayed at all ticket offices and published on the website www.funiviemolveno.it.
Season and Annual TICKETS are issued with a photograph. The Company may also issue other types of TICKETS with a photograph.
The price of multi-day TICKETS for periods with days at different rates is calculated based on the rate corresponding to the period (seasonality) in which the majority of the days fall; in case of an equal number of days, the higher rate is applied.
Persons who, at the time of purchase, officially document a disability equal to or greater than 20% can obtain a discount on the list price as indicated on the website www.funiviemolveno.it.
Reduced-rate TICKETS for seniors, super seniors, juniors, and children are issued personally upon presentation of a valid identification document. Self-certifications are not accepted.
The operation of all lift facilities and the skiability of all slopes or availability of trails in the reference area are not guaranteed.
If individual lifts or groups of lifts are kept in operation for more than 60 days (80 for Superskirama TICKETS), the Season TICKET will also be valid for this additional period.
If, due to the total closure of the lifts for health safety reasons related to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the guaranteed 60 days (80 for Superskirama TICKETS) of opening are not met, a refund proportional to the number of unused days compared to the guaranteed days will be granted to the customer for the Season TICKET.
Some TICKETS allow the use of lifts on some days of choice in other ski areas and on the lifts in operation there; the valid days in other areas can be automatically enabled on the TICKET support without the need to request a single-day pass. Any misuse of the TICKET will result in its immediate withdrawal and cancellation of the remaining days in other areas. In case of loss of a TICKET that includes days “outside” the Altopiano di Pradel, other areas cannot issue a replacement TICKET for the remaining days as they cannot verify the purchase of the lost support. Any TICKETS